New Year's Resolution Ideas

It’s all over. 2018 is now here and soon the joy and excess of Christmas will be a distant memory… So what can you do to keep motivated this New Year? Set yourself some resolutions of course – but ones that you can actually keep. Forget joining the gym, our ideas are achievable!

1. Recycle more

We all know that recycling is important to the environment. However when it comes down to it, a lot of us have no idea what we can do as consumers (as well as businesses) to make a difference to this huge problem. Take the time this year to do some research on the issue and see what practical steps you can take in your personal and professional life to make an impact. This could simply be investing in a clear recycling bin system in your home to help you remember to separate your waste materials, or as big as changing the way your business disposes with it’s waste. Every little helps!

Or if you want to jump on one of the latest trends, upcycling is the way to go! Check out our ingenious ideas on how you can reuse your old jars and bottles.

2. Set an achievable goal for your business

Every business owner wants to see their company reach amazing new heights in the shortest amount of time, but it is a good idea to keep your expectations realistic. Instead of a yearly goal, why not start by setting monthly or quarterly targets? This way, you will be able to see if your bigger goal is achievable and motivate your workforce towards it, or adjust it to a more realistic target.

3. Start budgeting properly

Everybody seems to spend more money than they anticipated through December and inevitably ends up having a lot less than they would like in their bank account by January! Try to stop this from happening this New Year by setting yourself a budget for the year. Work out all your regular monthly outgoings (groceries, phone bill, household bills, petrol, insurance, mortgage, credit card bill etc.…) and take this away from your monthly income to work out how much expendable cash you have to work with each month. Many people stop here, but this is where you have to get smart!

Once you’ve worked out how much money you have to play with, you then need to think about the bigger picture. Do you want a holiday this year? How much are you planning to spend at Christmas or for people’s birthdays? These are big expenses that are often left out of budgets. Once you work out how much you need for each of these extras, you can start saving for them now to stop yourself coming up short at the end of the year.

4. Drink more water

This particular resolution is probably said every year, but it’s an important one. We are supposed to drink in the region of 8 glasses of water every day (around 2.7 litres!), which is a target that most of us do not reach. There are so many benefits to drinking more water, including:

  • Improving and hydrating your skin;
  • Increasing your alertness;
  • Boosting your immune system;
  • Promoting weight loss;
  • It’s free from a tap!

While it can be difficult to wean yourself off fizzy drinks and flavoured waters, drinking plain water is so much better for our health (and teeth!).

5. Learn a new skill

Always wanted to learn to play an instrument? Learn a new language? Make 2018 the year where you finally make this dream happen! There are plenty of local teachers and night schools, which offer all sorts of courses from academic studies to the arts. What’s stopping you?

Happy New Year everybody!

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